Nigeria: Enugu Man Taken Into Custody for Tragic Mother and Sister Deaths

Nigeria: Enugu Man Taken Into Custody for Tragic Mother and Sister Deaths

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a tragic incident in Enugu, Mr. Somadina Orji is facing charges for allegedly killing and burying his mother, Charity, and sister, Ukamaka, in shallow graves at Umuagu Inyi. The Enugu State Police confirmed the arrest, with ongoing investigations before arraignment.

Somadina, reportedly a drug dealer, had a history of conflict with his mother. Community leader Mr. Ben Obi explained that issues escalated when Somadina had problems with his younger brother, prompting intervention by local authorities. The younger sister had been missing for two weeks before the mother’s tragic fate.

Upon the mother’s return from a condolence visit, Somadina allegedly killed and buried her in the backyard. When the younger brother raised concerns, villagers interrogated Somadina, leading to his confession of both murders. The Police were then involved, exhuming the remains and arresting the suspect.

Charity, the deceased mother, was described as a hardworking woman who sold prepared cassava food to support her family. Mr. Obi lamented the high prevalence of hard drugs in the community and emphasized the need for governmental support to prevent such tragedies.

Coordinating President General Mr. Ejike Tasie condemned the act and highlighted the alarming use of hard drugs in the Inyi Community. He called on anti-drug agencies to help combat illicit drug use in various communities within the local government area.

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