Nigeria: Empowering Lives: Kebbi State Organizes Mass Weddings for Over 300 Individuals

Nigeria: Empowering Lives: Kebbi State Organizes Mass Weddings for Over 300 Individuals

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a heartening display of community support, the Gwandu Emirate Palace in Birnin Kebbi witnessed a mass wedding ceremony for more than 300 widows, divorcees, and indigents. This initiative, orchestrated by the Kebbi state government and spearheaded by Hajia Nafisa Nasir Idris, the wife of the Kebbi governor, aimed to provide a fresh start for those who have faced marital challenges and economic hardships.

The event, executed by the NANAS foundation, a pet project of Hajia Nafisa Idris, showcased the commitment of the state government to address social issues and extend a helping hand to the less privileged. Hajia Nasir Idris emphasized that the mass wedding was designed to alleviate the plight of divorcées, widows, and individuals facing financial constraints in solemnizing their marriages. The government, under Dr. Nasir Idris, seeks to instill a sense of belonging among these citizens and fulfill its duty to assist them in building stable homes.

Highlighting the government’s dedication to welfare projects, Hajia Nasir Idris reiterated her husband’s commitment to returning governance to the people. The event witnessed the payment of a total dowry amounting to 21 million naira to the parents of the brides. Each bride received a dowry of seventy thousand naira, along with a set of chairs, beds, kitchen utensils, and essential food items to facilitate the start of their married lives.

The ceremony was presided over by Sheik Aminu Daurawa, a renowned Islamic cleric from Kano State, and saw the attendance of local government chairmen, top political figures in Kebbi, and the active participation of Hisbah officials, who played a crucial role in organizing the event and selecting beneficiaries from the 21 local governments.

This initiative not only symbolizes a celebration of love and union but also underscores the commitment of the Kebbi state government to social inclusivity and community welfare. As the beneficiaries embark on this new chapter in their lives, the mass wedding stands as a testament to the power of collective support and compassion within the community.

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