Nigeria: A Lagos businesswoman’s shop is robbed of N1.3 million in stolen goods

Nigeria: A Lagos businesswoman’s shop is robbed of N1.3 million in stolen goods

By Ahmed Hadizat

Linda Ekwulomu, a businesswoman in Lagos State, has been traumatized by burglars who broke into her shop at Cele Bus Stop and stole her goods. The break-in was along the Apapa Oshodi Expressway.

While lamenting the development, the businesswoman stated that the thieves stole goods worth N3 million and that this was the third time they had broken into her store and taken her goods.

In an interview with our correspondent, Ekwulomu stated that her shop was burglarized and that louts in the neighborhood were to blame for her ordeal, which included the theft of iPhones, computers, and other goods.

She stated, “I have lost a lot of my phones that are for sale to them, and my shop here at the plaza has been burgled over three times by burglars.” However, this particular one is something I cannot tolerate once more. I just bought phones and other gadgets worth more than N3 million, and now I see that robbers have entered my shop once more and taken my market with them. Okota Police Station received the report of the incident.

Nnnadi Oluchukwu, a businessman whose store faces Ekwulomu’s, confirmed that his neighbor’s store had been broken into three times.

He said, “Around here, there are many individuals who simply stroll around searching for what to take. In the area, we even have individuals they refer to as “Bolas” who steal whenever they can. I knew they would sell the phones for cheap after breaking into that woman’s shop.

 Another thing is that this area has an excessive number of louts, all of whom pose a security threat. How might one have the option to safeguard their property when the oafs are a lot? That is the issue that we are looking here. You would see individuals who don’t have anyplace to go yet to stick in the vicinity. Why won’t something like this happen?”

The proprietor of the square where the robbery occurred, Olumuyiwa Jejeloye, told our journalist he had been against having individuals with no deliberate expectation at the court.

He said, “I have at ordinarily needed to seek after a considerable lot of these young men who, assuming some pretense of working for some vehicle organization, enjoy wrongdoings. They would consume illegal substances, and I am aware that these transportation companies do not employ them.

When contacted, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, informed our correspondent that he had not been informed and that he would respond once he learns more about the situation.

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