Uganda: How Luwero man conspired with girlfriend to kill wife through injection 

Uganda: How Luwero man conspired with girlfriend to kill wife through injection 

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A police detective and a boda boda rider have pinned a man for conspiring with his girlfriend to kill his wife through a medical procedure last year. 

Friday Musoke and his girlfriend Enid Kanyonyozi, both residents of Bombo 21 miles zone in Bombo town council appeared before Luwero chief magistrate, Mariam Nalugya Ssemwanga today Tuesday for allegedly conspiring to kill Lilian Namboowa, a mother of four children.

The two were arrested on  January 1 this year after Dr Onesmus Bainomugisha of Global Medical Center whom they had allegedly contracted to kill Namboowa at Shs 5 million through an injection alerted the police.

Musoke was allegedly involved in an extramarital affair with Kanyonyozi, who was a tailor within the same zone. On Monday, the state prosecution led by Gloria Akello presented two more witnesses to pin the two over the conspiracy to kill Namboowa.

Detective Sgt Richard Mubiru Bugalanyo, the crime intelligence officer attached to Savannah Regional Police Flying Squad told the court that on December 31, 2022, he received instructions from Luwero district police commander to meet Dr Bainomugisha who had reported a case against the accused persons.

Bugalanyo explained that on meeting Bainomugisha, he informed him how he had been approached by Kanyonyozi to help in a plot to kill Namboowa through a medical procedure.

Kanyonyozi allegedly delivered a deposit of Shs 500,000 to Bainomugisha on December 29, 2022, as partial payment for the job. He told the court that Bainomugisha confirmed the allegations by playing a phone recording where Musoke was promising him money if he executes the mission.

According to the detective, Musoke had asked the doctor for chloroform, which he would use to douse his wife and transport her to the medical centre where the doctor would kill her using a lethal injection.

In the recording, Musoke told the doctor that he had resolved to use his services to bump off his wife because hiring a gunman or using any other forms may raise suspicions from her relatives, which would result in his arrest. He also told Bainomugisha that his wife had made his life difficult, usurped all his powers, and incited his children against him.

Earlier on Bainomugisha told the court that he decided to report the matter to Bombo police station and save Namboowa’s life because the accused persons could have hired another person to execute the mission in case he turned them away. The detective told the court that they agreed with Bainomugisha not to give the suspect genuine chloroform because he may cause danger in case he evades arrest. 

He further narrated that the following day, Musoke arrived on a boda boda and entered the medical centre where he was given a nontoxic liquid to execute the mission. Bugalanyo and other detectives arrested Musoke together with the boda boda rider before they transferred him to the police to face charges of conspiracy to murder.

“During the arrest, I asked Musoke why he had come to see a doctor, but he politely replied that he was sorry. He also looked apologetic and didn’t resist arrest,” Bugalanyo told the court.

Joel Kibirango, a boda boda rider who was arrested together with Musoke and was later released also testified against him. Kibirango told the court, Musoke hired him to transport him to the health centre for treatment without any prior knowledge of his plan. 

He, however, said that he had always known Musoke and Namboowa as a married couple after seeing them together for four years. Luwero chief magistrate Mariam Nalugya Ssemwanga remanded the accused persons to September 4 when the case will come up for further hearing and their bail application. 

Defense lawyer Sowali Katamba filed a bail application on the grounds that the accused persons need medical treatment but the magistrate advised them to seek treatment at Murchison Bay hospital till the court determines their application.

Source The Observer

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