Ngina Kenyatta Ascends to New Heights Carrying Forward Her Father’s Vision Following Uhuru’s Retirement

Ngina Kenyatta Ascends to New Heights Carrying Forward Her Father’s Vision Following Uhuru’s Retirement

by Washington Mito

A photo of former President Uhuru Kenyatta and his daughter Ngina Kenyatta at State House on May 2015 (left) and the former first daughter speaking at an event in 2019 (right).


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Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter, Ngina Kenyatta, continues to keep her father’s enduring legacy alive, as she extends educational scholarships and supports the growth of students from underprivileged family backgrounds..

As a director at the Kenyatta Trust, a non-profit organization, Ngina Kenyatta continues to inspire thousands of lives months after her father handed over power to current president William Ruto.

On the organisation’s website, Ngina reiterates that she was motivated to continue her father’s legacy of providing opportunities for the less fortunate. Founded by Uhuru, the organisation provides scholarships to over 3,000 students nationwide.

The organisation also offers mentorship and economic empowerment programs to promising Kenyans. 

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and former First Lady Margaret Kenyatta (centre), Ngina Kenyatta ( next to the former First Lady) and Nyokabi Kenyatta (next to Uhuru) with other delegates of the Kenyatta Trust posing for a photo in April 2021.


The Kenyatta Trust

Recently, the organisation organised a workshop titled Janjaruka Camp, aimed at providing mentorship to students on various aspects such as career development, mental well-being, and financial discipline.

On June 6, the Kenyatta Trust also held a prize award event to celebrate students who excelled in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

The event also acknowledged and celebrated other scholars who pursued their studies abroad. Notably, the organization proudly announced that three students successfully graduated in Budapest, Hungary, in March 2023.

Though Ngina was missing from the event photos, the Trust indicated that all directors worked behind the scenes to ensure the activities were successful. 

Apart from working with her father, Ngina, an International Relations and Politics graduate, also manages the Trust with her aunt – Nyokabi Kenyatta.

“As a director of the Kenyatta Trust, I have committed to transforming the lives of the beneficiaries through education and social empowerment, skills building and mentorship.

“Through the Kenyatta Trust, we plan to bring up children who are not only equipped with academic know-how but are well-rounded in all aspects of life. It is my hope that we are able to raise a generation of leaders who inspire others not only with their words but by their everyday actions,” she stated.

Uhuru is on record stating that he founded the organisation owing to the to the escalating rate of school dropouts within the country.

“For a long time, I battled with the dropout rate of school students in my constituency and the country. I believe that Kenya’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths. It leads to a dynamic and vibrant society fuelled by a constant exchange of ideas,” the former Head of State explained.

Former First Daughter Ngina Kenyatta during Lewa Marathon in 2018.


Ministry of Sports

Ngina Kenyatta’s Private Life

Like her siblings, Ngina has maintained a private life during and after her father’s tenure.

Her last public appearance was on April 29, when she was captured walking in Nairobi CBD without her security detail. 

Ngina married the love of her life at a private wedding ceremony in Nairobi on June 2022. The couple is blessed with one child. 


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