Mayor Bensouda vows to bring overhaul development to KM residents

Mayor Bensouda vows to bring overhaul development to KM residents

By Sulayman Waan                                                                                 

Ahmed Talib Bensouda, mayor of the Kanifing Municipality has vowed to bring more development to the doorstep of KM residents including constructions of feeder roads, markets, provision of more waste trucks, employment opportunities, solar lights, among others to enhance social development.

Section 15 sub-sections 1 of the Local Government Act mandates heads of the political cadre of councils to embark on meet the people tour annually in order to discuss with the electorate.

However, speaking at Jeshwang, Serekunda and Kanifing South respectively, mayor Bensouda said the council is working harder to implement several projects in the municipality. He unveiled that the council is working to provide a waste milling machine at the Bakoteh Dump Site that will process the waste to organic fertilizer and return it to the public.

Moving forward, he revealed that the council has designed a massive feeder road project that will lead to the construction of 22km feeder roads across the municipality.

“The 22 km road project will comprise 20 feeder roads within the municipality,” he said.

 Bensouda added that the project includes the construction of two bridges within the Municipality.

On youth matters, Mayor Bensouda assured to level the Old Jeswang Football Field and provide them with goal post, adding that under his leadership KMC will bring more development for young people of KM to enhance development.

It could be recalled that in 2018 the Kanifing Municipal Council provided mballit (waste management) trucks to the 24 wards in the municipality to ensure better waste management in the municipality.

 However, he assured to provide another seven new trucks. This, he said will enhance cleansing of the city as well as employ more young people.

In Kanifing South, Mr. Bensouda promised commercial drivers that KMC will provide 10 solar lights for the Kanifing South car park to ease the work of commercial drivers at night. He also assured to support the Mosque Committee of their central mosque in the near future.

In a subsequent meeting at the Serekunda Market, Bensouda told vendors that his administration is working to construction a state-of-earth market worth 40 million dalasi.

“The market will have 100 shops,” he said, adding: “This will enable several vendors to have shops and avoid selling beside the roads.”

However, numerous speakers including women leaders, youth leaders, head of market committees and other community leaders called on the giant council to bring rapid development to their doorsteps.


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