JIZZLE: The heartbeat of The Republic!

JIZZLE: The heartbeat of The Republic!

 “Artistic Creativity is a gift from Allah , it is not necessarily acquired from the School bench!” mamosmedia

The talent that JIZZLE🦂🇬🇲, ST,Nyancho etc have cannot necessarily be created from a school bench, it is a gift from the all mighty Allah. Some of us are sitting here with our masters and PHD’s but cannot create one musical bar🎼 let alone fill the Gambian National Stadium and believe me a few of us actually took music classes at school!

Referring to the performances of the Nations best as jumping on plywood is also very disrespectful.

I will forever adore you GEE but what is all this about ?

You should be building these artists up by creating shows for them with your influence and status in the USA.

Let’s respect those with real talent and support them. Their success in the music 🎶industry is a win for the Republic.

This is not to say that every aspiring musician or youth should drop out of school and pursue a music career because not all of them can become JIZZLE, ST or NYANCHO. Education is therefore important and paramount for the youth to pursue.

Everyman wants to be JIZZLE.

Everywoman wants a son like JIZZLE.

Every young girl dreams to be with JIZZLE.

Let’s support and respect our ALPHAs despite their age.

MEVSME DELUXE dropping soon!

MEvsME DELUXE an anticipated mega hit like the megastar🌟himself!

JIZZLE sells Nationally and Internationally!

Star Control’s

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