JIZZLE has outperformed himself On the deluxe version of the MEvsME album released.

Remember this is released after just 3 months of a successful exhaustive summer tour, proving that hard work, discipline, peace,focus and Allah ‘s infinite blessings are crucial pedestals for Local & International success.

The deluxe version has an Afrobeat catering for everyone’s taste and interest.

#🎶Balance is on the disparities and equalities of the world.

#🎶Addicted is an expressive love song.

#🎶Whine is for those that love raunchy love songs.

#🎶Rock your body is another beautiful raunchy love song .

#🎶Oh my God is an international Norwegian collaboration 🇬🇲🇳🇴.

#🎶Glory pays homage to God for his infinite blessings futuring upcoming artist MOLZE

#🎶Wanna get rich remix is an impressive collaboration as new upcoming artists like AK are also futured.

#🎶Ragal lumo Kaa adresses the constant daily attacks on him as an artist.

Mamosmedia listeners which one is your favourite track on the newly released MEvsME Deluxe ?

Star Control’s



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