Gambia consul in Angola assaulted by ‘notorious’ thief

Gambia consul in Angola assaulted by ‘notorious’ thief

Seasoned diplomat Haggi Jawara, who is The Gambia’s consul general in Angola has been reportedly injured after being attacked and assaulted by an alleged “notorious thief” The Point has been reliably informed.

The incident occurred at Mr. Jawara’s factory situated at ‘Kamalo’ along the Banjul Highway.

The mater has since been reported to the police. In a related incident, the police officer who is handling the case was also assaulted by the same suspect at the police station.

Jawara sustained injuries on his hands after he attempted to arrest the suspect who was armed with a cutlass. He was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment and later discharged on the same day.

A source who is familiar with the development and wished to speak to our reporter on the condition of anonymity said: “When Jawara and others succeeded and arrested the thief at the factory, he was brought and detained at one of the police stations within the Kanifing Municipality.”

“Surprisingly, at the police station, the alleged thief stoned and seriously wounded a police officer who was recording his cautionary and voluntary statements in an attempt to flee. However, he was overcome by the police officers on duties and he was subsequently rearrested.”

“The notorious thief was later taken to the Tanka Tanka psychiatric hospital for medical check-up.”

Meanwhile, our reporter has been reliably informed that the suspect was identified Conakry Guinean and had absconded from the Tanka Tanka hospital where he was receiving treatment.

The Point has also obtained a letter, signed by Haggi Jawara, and addressed to the country’s police chief requesting for the deportation of the suspect.

“I wish to inform you about a notorious thief who has been a nuisance at my factory located at Kamalo with a Guinean identity whom I recommend to be repatriated back.”

“Three months now, he has been stealing construction equipment such as 32 iron rods each one costing D350, one wheelbarrow costing at 2500 dalasis and 500 pigeons each costing 450 dalasis which all amount to D238, 700, 00. He steals both day and night. The security man at the factory sites cannot withstand him as a result of his attitude towards him.”

“He roams with cutlasses and other dangerous equipment and I advise the security man to stay a length from him because of his mysterious action towards him.”   

Source: The Point

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