Banjul La Decka album launch set for Nov. 12th

Banjul La Decka album launch set for Nov. 12th

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Mansour Sey known to many by his recognised stage name “Sora G4” is set to launch his album titled: Banjul La Decka on 12th November 2022 at Atlantic Hotel in Banjul.

The album contains nine tracks namely: Aksil Chill, Give me your love, Wursag, Bugana, Party, Nitt featuring Jabill, Ginneh mun doma featuring Jabell and CDS MadSnake, Call naala featuring Lilian and Mad settings featuring Vypa.

The album launch will be backed by Bullet Sound Movement.


Mansour Sey known to many by his recognised stage name “Sora G4” was born and raised in the capital city of The Gambia, Banjul, in a historic street call James Senegal street, were many exemplary public influencers emanated. The likes of late Manneh Sillah and Masla Bii/ Slam Gii Clan were from the street.

Sora G4 was born in a religious extended family of polygamy. His father was a respected Quaranic teacher, teaching the community Islamic studies; as a result of this,  he grew up with a strong instinct as “Ndongodara”.

His early education in Campama primary school instilled the passion of performing arts through the inspiration of community artistes.  He uses to do musical playback of Masla Bii and Slam Gii Clan songs during talent shows and their weekly extra- curricular activities whiles in primary school.

This was his rising career and soon he was well known for his artistic endowment as a young student.  He was later admitted to Rev JC Faye Memorial School where he did his junior secondary school. Despite his talent and the mastering of arts performance, he was a quite student during junior school. After he sat his Gambia Basic Certificate Examination (GABECE) and came with remarkable results he enrolled at The Gambia senior secondary school where he completed his high school.

While in secondary education category, his passion for music was profound and he could no more keep it within himself. He met with a couple of school fellow students that were interested in music, and initiated the name Elite Crew, which was a group of six.

While graduating as a student, they made a historic song of academic excellence for the first time, before their graduation in 2011.

Since then, students are inspired to manifest their love for their schools through music, throughout the country. 

Whiles beginning his professional music career, he went to Quantum net of institute where he read literacy in Information And Communication Technology and later proceeded to Management Development Institute (MDI) to study Information Technology to advance level in Computer and Telecommunication Level.

Going forward, after years of post secondary school, the Elite Crew was left with two members, who were of call twins, as a result of their commitment and passion. They struggled to finance their music and video for themselves but were at some point supported by WAX Media while working side by side.

Elite Movement has staged many successful kids events, and commercial show in Banjul until 25th March 2018, when the duo were both signed by a music label called JOLUV Arts Entertainment for a term of three years.

The label took care of their music recordings, videos and event bookings. During the period, they were able to have one successful event with the label on 8th June; “Kai Fi Event at Laico Atlantic Hotel.

Due to some unfavorable circumstance, his partner left the label.

Sora G4 starts his solo career and moved on with his ambition in music and graphic designing. He initiated a brand called “Banjul La Decka” available on T Shirts which is recognize and sold both locally and internationally.

Meanwhile, Sora G4 is seekincollective support from authorities to support his groundbreaking project of profound quality. He stressed the limited assistance that Banjulian artistes have been battling with in the past years and the need to make the contribution to be much more inclusive and extensive. 

He further emphasised on the pertinent role that Banjulian have played in the development and upliftment of creative arts in the country and the continuous efforts that they are playing in keeping their roots alive.


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