Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Seemingly Responds to Drake Calling Him a ‘Groupie’

Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Seemingly Responds to Drake Calling Him a ‘Groupie’

By Paige Gawley‍

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Alexis Ohanian is proud to be Serena Williams’ groupie. After Drake released a new song that called Alexis “a groupie,” the Reddit co-founder, who married Serena in 2017, tweeted his reaction to the lyric.

It all started with the release of Drake and 21 Savage’s new album, Her Loss, on Friday. On the track “Middle of the Ocean,” Drake raps, “Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie / He claim we don’t got a problem but / No, boo, it is like you comin’ for sushi.”

After the song’s release, Alexis took to Twitter to share a thread about his recent accomplishments, writing in part, “It’s cliche, but life changed when I became a husband + papa. It’s made me 100x better as a man and a businessman. In @serenawilliams I found a partner I knew I would never outgrow, who would always motivate me to be Greater.”

Alexis and Serena share a 5-year-old daughter, Olympia. He ended the thread by sharing a photo of him and Olympia excitedly cheering Serena on during a tennis match.

“The reason I stay winning is because I’m relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter,” Alexis wrote, seemingly in response to Drake’s lyric.

Serena was clearly a fan of her husband’s tweet, replying with the smiling emoji with hearts on it.

Before Serena and Alexis got together, the tennis legend was romantically linked to Drake, though they never confirmed their relationship.

Alexis isn’t the only person Drake called out on his new album. On the track “Circo Loco,” the rapper drew immense backlash for insinuating that Megan Thee Stallion is lying about allegedly being shot in the foot by Tory Lanez in 2020. (Tory has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has previously said that “the truth will come out.”)

“This b**ch lie about getting shot but she still a stallion / She don’t even get the joke but she still smiling,” the 36-year-old raps on the ninth track of the album, using the thinly veiled double entendre to seemingly imply that Megan is lying about the incident and side with his fellow Canadian rapper. 

Megan responded to the lyrics on Twitter, writing, “I know I’m very popular but y’all gotta stop attaching weak a** conspiracy theories in bars to my name lol N****s nor hoes EVER address me or @ me WITH a fact or receipts. I AM CLOUT B**CH keep sucking my p**sy.”

“And when the [motherf**king] facts come out remember all y’all hoe a** favorite rappers that stood behind a n**** that SHOT A FEMALE,” the “WAP” rapper continued, going on to point out that “people attack me” for speaking out about her alleged assault, and when she defends herself, people say she is “doing too much.”

“Every time it never ends and this did NOT happen until I came out and said I got shot,” she concluded. “… y’all don’t [f**k with me] okay cool f**k it bye.”

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