Atiku inquires about Tinubu’s academic credentials

Atiku inquires about Tinubu’s academic credentials

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President and Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate for the 2023 election, has once more questioned the controversy surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s academic background.

Atiku, who is presently imploring a US of America court to sway the Chicago State College to explain the irregularity in the testaments it gave to President Tinubu, said except if an explanation is made, it is troublesome, in the event that certainly feasible, for the general population to comprehend the scholastic excursion of the previous Lagos State Lead representative.

Taking to his checked X handle @atiku on Monday Atiku expressed, “I got up today thinking about how we got to this parkway. In 1999, @officialABAT (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) asserted he went to St John’s Grade School, Aroloya, Lagos, prior to continuing to Youngsters Self-teach in Ibadan.

He said that Government College Ibadan, Richard Daley College, and Chicago State University in the United States were his next stops on his educational journey. Inquisitively, in 2023, Tinubu settled with going to just Chicago State College.

“I’m scratching my head. How can that be the case? I believe that all well-meaning Nigerians should be as perplexed as I am by Tinubu’s claim that he has a university degree despite not having completed primary or secondary school. You might want to inquire about Tinubu’s method of accomplishment so that we can learn from his inventiveness.

He added a laughing emoji to the post.

Atiku and the official up-and-comer of the Work Party, Mr Peter Obi, are both testing the statement of Tinubu by the Free Public Discretionary Commission as the champ of the February 25 political decision.

Responding, the Exposure Overseer of the decision All Moderates Congress, Bala Ibrahim, said Atiku is a terrible athlete who is gripping to anything to demonstrate hatred for the president.

He said, “Legislators have an approach to doing things that on occasion makes one puzzle over whether they are doing it to improve the commonwealth or basically to demonstrate hatred for the framework all in all. I don’t think Atiku Abubakar, who has made it this far in Nigerian politics, is getting the right advice. He is one individual who has confronted endless allegations from political adversaries. Nearly all of them were rejected because they lacked merit and were sometimes absurd.

“However, the fact that he returns to do the same or worse than what was done to him indicates that he is cavorting with these political mediocres. It may not go down well, and any kind of future family may not give him a decent decision on the off chance that he proceeds with along these lines. He is behaving like a terrible athlete.”

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