Afro Movement president explains implementation of Essouk Ejakeh City project

Afro Movement president explains implementation of Essouk Ejakeh City project

By Sulayman Waan

Momodou Bah, President of the African Federalism and Republican Orientation Political Movement has explained possible implementation of his Essouk Ejakeh City project along the Soma-Farafenni route.

Mr Bah a Presidential aspirant in the 2021 Presidential Elections launched a manifesto during his declaration to run for the presidency. In his manifesto, Mr Bah indicated that if elected he will construct a mighty city dubbed Essouk Ejakeh City between Farafenni and Soma where the capital city of The Gambia would be transferred.

Bah, a specialist on African History faced the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) during the nomination of candidate but could not make it. He later supported the National Peoples’ Party (NPP).

Speaking to Mamos media exclusively, Mr Bah gave a synopsis on the possible implementation of the project and its economic value to The Gambia. “My vision as a political leader is to implement my Essouk Ejakeh City project at Farafenni and Soma combine together. Geographically that place is at the centre of the country,” he said.

Justifying the viability of that proposed city, he said that zone connects Banjul and Basse, adding that it is directly also connects to Ziguinchor in Cassamance, Guinea Bissau and Conakry as well as Kaolack in the north and Bamako in the east.

He further said that the environment has a very good topography, bounded to the River Gambia and has beautiful atmosphere. This place, he added could be a beautiful city that would attract tourists, thus enhance the country’s economic.

Possible features in the propose city

Concerning the standards of the city, Bah said: “The Essouk Ejakeh City will be a 24 century city that would contain modern infrastructure. If not the best city in the world then I would like it to be the best city in Africa.”

“To ensure it is the best we need beautiful infrastructure such as skyscrapers, modern administrative buildings, a palace (State House), modern stadiums, universities, schools, hotels and advance shopping mall in the city. This will help to decongest the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) because if the State House and other administrative office are transfer to Essouk Ejakeh City, Greater Banjul Area would be decongested.”

Economic Transformation

He said the proposed city if implemented will boost the economy of the country, justifying that it will containstunning hotels that would attract local, regional and international tourists.

“The Shopping Malls will attract people from the sub-region for business reasons and boost Gambia’s trade industry,” he added.

Moving forward, he said the city will also have a modern international airport and all other needed facilities that would help to advance the country’s economy.

“The people of the world want to discover beautiful places. So, we need to build beautiful cities that can attract international attention to The Gambia. If we build this city people from Guinea Bissau, Conakry, Senegal, Mauritania and Mali will have easy access to our country,” Bah, also an African history teacher said.

Bah went on to say that whenever The Gambia transform that zone into a mighty city and build there standard hospitals, it would attract patients from neighboring Senegal, thus, lead to medical tourism.

Resource mobilization

When asked how The Gambia will mobilize resource for such a giant city, he said his government will take loans from international organizations to implement the project and payback after generating income from the city through tourism and trade.

He further suggested launching a Kunta Kinteh project that would attract the African diaspora to The Gambia. He justified that several Africans-Americans and Europeans- Africans do not know their real roots but that such project can return them to The Gambia.

“Imagine if 1.5 million African diaspora contribute $1000 each. That would be $1.5 billion. So, this can finish the first phase of the project. Then, the rest would be completed with loans and grants,” he said.

 This reporter further pressed him on its implementation considerating the country’s economic status. He replied “If Taf Africa Global can build a prototype of the biggest city, we want to build, then this means a government can build a bigger city.”


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