Brikama, WCR: Yankuba vows to ensure financial transparency

Brikama, WCR: Yankuba vows to ensure financial transparency

By Sulayman Waan

Yankuba Darboe, candidate for the United Democratic Party (UDP) for the chairmanship elections in the Brikama Area Council (BAC) has promised to ensure financial transparency and accountability in the council.

Speaking to journalists shortly after presenting his nomination documents before Mr Anthony Robert Secka, IEC Commissioner for the WCR, Mr Darboe said: “My number one priority is to make sure we stop the loot that is happening at the BAC.”

“Everyone in this region understands and appreciates that BAC earns far more than the revenue that they claimed to earn. So, what is happening to the rest? That is the big question that we have to find the answer for.”

He said all residents of the West Coast Region (WCR) want to know the council’s financial dealings, noting the residents of WCR only knew they were paying taxes but knew nothing about the council’s financial transactions.

Darboe, accompanied by a large-crowd further said: “We can provide the financial dealings of the council. We believe that there is a black hole at BAC where our funds are disappearing into and when I get to office, we will seal that hole and make sure no revenue disappear at the council.”

He added that he would do proper findings of all revenue sources of the council and open the council to public and media scrutiny to ensure effective financial transparency and accountability.

“The public can be invited at all times and anytime they requested financial information from the council, we would be available to provide them with whatever information we have,” he assured.

He argued that over the past years the council has not been transparent in its financial dealings, justifying that the residents of WCR have no idea on the amount of money the council generates yearly.

The legal luminary further said there is a greater need for financial transparency in the council so that all know its financial transaction, saying the resource of the council belongs to the public and not for other persons.

“Transparency is number one, especially at this current time when we are led by a government that is so corrupt that the whole world understands and appreciates that we have a corrupt government,” he said.

However, he said BAC under his leadership will be transparent and free from corruption.

The UDP candidate is in a tight political race with Sheriff Seedy Ceesay of the ruling party, Jainaba Bah of PPP, independent candidate Ahmed Gitteh among other candidates.

However, Mr Darbor expressed optimism of victory on May 20.


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