Witness Qcell No in alleged PIU shooter case not registered by her name – Defence Counsel

Witness Qcell No in alleged PIU shooter case not registered by her name – Defence Counsel

Defence Lawyer L.J. Darboe in the alleged PIU shooter case has told the court that the Qcell number of the third witness Mama Jabbie  was not registered by her name but by the name of a GRA staff.

Continuing his cross examination before Justice E. Jaiteh of the High Court, Counsel  Darboe for the first accused Ousainou Bojang said that PW3 made a “fabrication” because the Qcell telephone number was registered with the name Musa Camara, said to be a staff of the Gambia Revenue Authority.

It would be recalled that the defence counsel applied for the court to issue an order for Africell and Qcell to produce call records of the third prosecuting witness Mama Jabbie.

Abubacarr Jallow, data analyst at Africell, presented the call records of the third witness before Justice Jaiteh, and the court marked it as Exhibit C1.

Referring to the witness’s call records on 11 and 12 September 2023, defence counsel L.J. Darboe told the witness that she made no calls because “she was not in The Gambia,” but the witness replied that she could not remember.

Relying on exhibit C1 – Africell call records – of PW3, the defence Counsel told the witness that on 13 September 2023, when the accused was apprehended, she was at Brufut Junction around 9 p.m., where the home and workplace of the accused was situated, but she the witness told the court that it was not her.

Defence counsel further reminded the witness, also known to be a marabout, that she was not at her home, Sukuta, but went to Old Yundum at 11:28 p.m. on 13 September 2023 the same day the accused was apprehended. The witness said she went to Old Yundum because she had been insulted all over the social media.

The witness further testified that she met Musa Camara the GRA staff at Giboro the day she captured the accused, and they proceeded to Jululung.

It would be recalled that during her first testimony, Mama Jabbie told the court that she called Musa Camara and informed him that the person who “killed” the PIU officers was with her.  She said Musa then told her to wait while he called the Gambia Police.

Subsequently, she said, she received a call from Musa and was asked to meet with him together with the Gambia Police at Giboro. She said she then took or boarded a motorcycle to the said place and met with them and they moved to Jululung.

Mama testified that she was aware that Musa Camara had a wife, because she was communicating with Musa through his wife’s phone number.

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