The Fula-gangsta /Star Girl 5 rounds SEX free style video Debate!

The Fula-gangsta /Star Girl 5 rounds SEX free style video Debate!

Many artists got their videos and singles banned on radios and TV’s for explicit sexual content in certain countries an excellent example was the famous “ I want your sex video written and produced by George Michael” where teenagers being curious went into pain staking trouble to make sure that they got hold of these explicit materials even though they were brought up as young Muslims. Nobody knew about this but they were certainly listened to and watched!

Now forwarding this to 2023 Fula- gangsta and Star ⭐️Girl performed these lyrics in a Muslim country and they have a large following so Star Girls Call for 5 rounds is calling for impossible expectations and pressure on boys & men especially among the young and vulnerable ( some men have problems delivering one round more less 5 rounds) !

They should be advised to proceed with caution ⛔️when releasing sexual explicit content and at the same time radios 📻and the media should be regulated to play the content ONLY in adult scenarios, times kids are in bed or to totally censor it, BUT calling for the arrest of the artists will be an infringement on their artistic expression.

Mamosmedia believes that :-

1.Whether they sing about sex or not sex is happening in the smiling coast among the youths . It is better they advice the youths on precautionary sex and restraint until they find a life partner .The problem exists and the youths whether the nation likes it or not will experiment with sex unfortunately.The adults are also marrying child brides on a daily basis as their wives increasing the magnitude of the problem.

2.These two are artists, sex sells and artistic sex sells too.Just check how their number of followers have increased because of people’s curiosity about SEX. Advise them but please do not arrest them !

Star Control’s

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