After sustained rumours linking him to a secret plan to quit the United Democratic Party, the mayor of KM, Talib Bensouda, has said he has not in any shape or form decided to leave UDP and is more loyal to the party and its leader now more than ever before.

The mayor is widely acclaimed to be one of the strongest likely successors to the veteran opposition leader Ousainu Darboe when the latter leaves.

However, amid more speculations that he may be overlooked for a more rurally oriented figure in the party, it is said that Talib is already considering charting his own way and has allegedly contacted people over the matter.  

But speaking in an audio shared with The Standard, Talib said whereas he has every right to support or start a party if he so desires, he, at the moment and for the foreseeable future, belongs at the United Democratic Party and has seen no reason to stop following its leader who has sacrificed a lot for the betterment of this country.

The mayor of KM however warned that the UDP is such a big and respectable party that its member must not fall to cheap propaganda aimed at sowing disunity in the party.

“A big party like the UDP must have divergent views, many agenda and people with influences but at no time shall we allow the ugly head of disunity among us. I want to assure all the people in the UDP that I have at no time called anyone to say that I am going to form a party. Anyone who said such a thing is saying falsehood,” Bensouda said.

He further clarified that as the national organising secretary, his mandate is to bring anyone or do everything that will make UDP win the 2026 election and he will remain loyal to that mission.

He said while it is understandable that given its turbulent history UDP members can be very passionate about their concerns and doubts, it is however important that “we all go about things with caution and care and manage our passions gently. I know and appreciate that people feel strongly about things because they consider me to be an important person among them which I am very humble about. But I want to assure everyone that I Talib Bensouda remain the same person you all know and I have not taken offence with anyone nor do I agree with anyone and more importantly, I remain a UDP member,” Bensouda said.

Source: The Standard

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