Swiss Barakah inaugurates renovated Madrasatul Abubacar Sidiq classroom

Swiss Barakah inaugurates renovated Madrasatul Abubacar Sidiq classroom

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Swiss Barakah Charity, a charitable organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday inaugurated a classroom it fully renovated at Madrasatul Abubacar Sidiq Al Islamiya in Fass Njaga Choi village, Lower Nuimi District, North Bank Region.

In addition to the classroom, the chartable organisation also renovated the school’s washroom and gave 50 school bags with learning materials to orphans and other pupils of the school.  

Mohamad Ajami, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Swiss Barakah Charity said they support education because they believe it can positively change the future.

He added that the initiative to support orphans was to inspire and show them that they are not alone.

He added that they hope to renovate more classrooms for the school as well as other schools, saying “we hope to increase our support in the future.”

“I hope for a good future for the kids because if they have a good future and are successful, The Gambia will be more successful,” he further said, noting that children should be motivated to be able to fully showcase their talents.

The charity is supporting various sectors in the country and Mr Ajami said they previously supported Gambian flood victims with food aid.

He urged the community and school management to ensure the sustainability of the classroom.

Alagie Wally Joof, Alkalo of Fass Njaga Choi thanked Mr Ajami for his generosity while describing the gesture as a great gift for the community. He commended Gambian members of the charity for their assistance to flood victims during the rainy season.

Biran Secka, in deputizing for AMANA cluster monitor said most Islamic schools in the country lack support from Government and therefore thanked Swiss Barakah for their assistance.

He added that the school could have had senior level but due to lack of enough infrastructure, financial muscle to pay teachers, furniture and learning materials, it only has up to junior level.

He stated that all schools in the country are equal and therefore Islamic schools need to be supported by Government.

Pa Sulay Gaye, Fass Njaga Choi Village Development Committee Secretary General also said that Islamic schools in the country are neglected by Government, noting that without Islamic education our future is in jeopardy.  

Hassan Ceesay, a student at the school on behalf of the school management, staff, students and the community thanked Swiss Barakah Charity for their support.

Retired headmaster Ousman Corr thanked the charitable organisation for contributing to Islamic education in the community and country at large.

Alagie Kebbeh, a member of Swiss Barakah Charity – Gambia said ‘we cannot worship Allah properly without knowing our religion.’ He therefore thanked Mr Ajami for his numerous assistance to Gambians.


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