Sinchu Alagie Golf Youth holds Islamic confab

Sinchu Alagie Golf Youth holds Islamic confab

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Sinchu Alagie Golf Youth Association (SAGA), a charity organisation comprising mainly young people resident in Sinchu Alagie Golf, last Sunday held its maiden Islamic confab at the community.

The confab was aimed at strengthening peace, unity and oneness within the community. The event featured two thematic discussions – the rights of one’s neighbours in Islam and the role of youth in Islam and the society at large. The forum also witnessed Qur’anic recitation and of Islamic songs by Ham Sa Deen students.

Sheikh Abubacarr Kujabi, Imam of Masjid Daru Sunah in his presentation on the role of youth in Islam and society, said the role of youth in Islam and society is very important, saying ‘saitan’ needs youth the same way they are needed by Islam and society.

He therefore urged youth to be mindful and make best use of their youthful years by worshipping Allah, thereby contributing to the growth of Islam.

He highlighted that prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was mostly assisted in his spread of Islam by youth and that Islam values and places much emphasis on youth.

 “Allah needs us most during our youthful years and therefore do not let ‘saitan’ lead us astray,” he urged youth.

He thanked youth of Sinchu Golf for organising the confab meant to contribute to the growth of Islam.

Sheikh Kawsu Jaiteh, Nibe for Masjid Daru Sunah in his presentation on the rights of one’s neighbour in Islam, described neighbourhood as something very important.

Jaiteh explained that a neighbour’s right to his brother/sister in Islam is huge and as such prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) urged people not to harm their neighbours in any way but also give them their due.

He further said that prophet Gibril came to prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) several times and reminded him to consider his neighbours rights to the extent the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) thought his neighbours will inherit him when he died.

For his part, Tumani Danjo, chairman of Sinchu Alagie Golf Youth Association (SAGA), said more efforts are needed to be constantly reminding people about the purpose of life and responsibilities to one’s neighbourhood, society and world as dictated in the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths of our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). 

The association, he added, aims to support the area in its developmental aspirations as well as protect the rights of young people, women and girls of Sinchu Golf and beyond for a more productive and healthy society.

He thanked all those who attended and contributed towards the success of the conference for the sake of Allah.


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