“Shameless that they’re banning free speech”- Fans FURIOUS over Bayern Munich’s statement on Noussair Mazraoui supporting Palestine

“Shameless that they’re banning free speech”- Fans FURIOUS over Bayern Munich’s statement on Noussair Mazraoui supporting Palestine

Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich have found themselves at the center of controversy and attention over statements concerning the Morocco international, Noussair Mazraoui supporting Palestine. In his recent statement, Mazraoui displayed his solidarity and support for Palestine publicly through his social media. The statement has come amidst the ongoing bombings on Gaza by Israel.

Bayern Munich‘s statement read, “FC Bayern immediately contacted Noussair Mazroui following his Instagram posts on Sunday. The player is currently in Africa with the Morocco national team. A detailed personal conversation with the club’s management in Munich is planned. Regardless of that, everyone, including every employee and every player, knows what values ​​FC Bayern stands for.”

Further the statement read, “We expressed this publicly and unequivocally in a post immediately after the terrorist attack on Israel. We’re concerned about our friends in Israel and stand with them. At the same time, we hope for peaceful coexistence for all people in the Middle East.” 

However, the fans have not taken these words lightly and have shown their outrage towards the club and management. Subsequently, many have taken to social media to express their disgust over the club’s statement. Meanwhile, almost all the fans have appreciated the Moroccan defender’s support for the people in Gaza, in Palestine.

Furthermore, concerned by the ongoing scenario of Gaza Mazraoui only showed solidarity towards those people who are getting affected. He wrote, “God, help our oppressed brothers in Palestine to achieve victory. May God give mercy to the dead, may God heal their wounded.”

Noussair Mazraoui, known for his versatility joined Bayern Munich from Ajax in 2022 at the age of just 24. Mazraoui has gained much experience and nurtured his football skills. Noussair is a very versatile player with the capabilities to play as a left-back as well a right-back and even as a winger on the attack.

Fans furious reactions over Bayern Munich’s statement on Noussair Mazraoui

Fans have showered love and appreciation for the Moroccan international Noussair Mazraoui for his courage and for acting upon his right to speech and freedom to express his thoughts. Meanwhile, people’s reaction to Bayern Munich’s statement was heated as it sparked outrage on social media.

This instance is just another one that has pointed toward how football fans have strived for free speech. Further, it is becoming evermore clear that most of the fans are in compliance with the statement of peace and standing with Palestine while condemning the unjust and the Israel war crimes.

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