‘Over D1B revenue generated prior to Gamtel gateway liberalisation’

‘Over D1B revenue generated prior to Gamtel gateway liberalisation’

The Minister for Communications & Digital Economy (MoCDE), Ousman O. Bah, has told deputies at the National Assembly that Gamtel generated a staggering D1,253,654,223.66 in four years as revenue prior to its gateway liberalisation.

Breaking down the yearly revenues, the Digital Economy Minister informed that, in 2019, they generated D131,802,950,029; D331,376,208.64 in 2020; D289,372,150.38 in 2021; D253,026,854.01 in 2022; D234,339,163.95 in 2023, and D17,733,896.38 in January 2024.

He said that Gamtel is getting 5% of the international voice gateway.

Mr. Bah highlighted that the liberalisation has no negative impact on the revenue collection of Gamtel, saying that the introduction of Over The Top (OTT) service (contents that are created through WhatsApp, YouTube among others) created the revenue decline of the liberalisation.

“The introduction of WhatsApp voice notes, as lot of people have been using, contributed to the decline of revenue after the liberalisation,” he said.

According to the minister, the government expressed its interest to the council of Europe to align with the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, and added that the alignment is going on and the council of Europe is supporting MoCDE.

He added that Europe is supporting in conducting a capacity building and training Gambian stakeholders.

The development in The Gambia Cybercrime Bill has been aligned by the Budapest Convention on cybercrime, he said.

Source: The Point

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