The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has expressed its overwhelming support for the elimination of all harmful practices including female genital mutilation (FGM) that threaten the physical and psychological health of women and girls in accordance with the international human rights standards.

In a statement marking ‘International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 2024’, the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation expressed support for the efforts and initiatives aimed at eliminating all forms of harmful practices, including FGM, “that has the potential to threaten physical, psychological and mental well-being of women and girls under all circumstances”.

“The Commission considers that harmful practices like FGM are mere traditional customs without any proven religious sanction. On the contrary, the Islamic principles and values categorically condemn such practices and strongly advocates adopting legal and administrative measures to comprehensively eliminate these practices not only as a religious imperative but also for achieving equality, equity, social justice, and sustainable development,” it added.

The OIC human rights commission further said it welcomes the rising awareness across the Muslim world against the practice that “endangers the physical and psychological health of women and girls”.

“It was concluded at the Second Islamic Conference of Ministers in charge of Childhood held in Khartoum in 2009 that FGM is a violation of human rights of girls and women. OIC has adopted ‘Cairo Declaration of the OIC on Human Rights in which specific sections are included on ‘Human Rights of Women’, which calls for protection of women against all forms of discrimination, violence, abuse and harmful traditional practices,” the IPHRC added.

The Commission also commended the progress made by governments and communities that have taken steps to abandon harmful practices, emphasising that much work remains to be done to fully eradicate such harmful practices.

“The Commission remains committed to supporting initiatives that empower communities to abandon FGM and create an environment where girls and women can thrive without fear of this harmful tradition. It calls on governments, civil society, religious leaders, and communities to redouble their efforts in raising awareness, providing education, and implementing legal measures to end all harmful practices, including FGM,” it stated.

The Commission also affirmed its readiness to work together with all relevant OIC institutions and member states, respecting cultural sensitivities, while promoting education on the health and human rights consequences of such practices.

Source: The Standard

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