Nigerian woman debunks allegation of scamming Gambians

Nigerian woman debunks allegation of scamming Gambians

The Director of Gulf Platform International Recruitment Gambia Limited, Julianah Afonrinwo, a Nigerian national, who was accused of scamming many Gambians of millions of dalasis, has vehemently denied the allegation.

Speaking to journalists during a press conference held recently at her office in Brusubi, Madam Afonrinwo described the allegation as “baseless and unfounded” meant to tarnish the image of her company.

She said that as a matter of fact she had “never been arrested” in connection with such an allegation, which was published in one of the online media.

She however said that she had received a phone call from Brusubi Police Station to report to the station, which she did and was interrogated and bailed by two Gambian sureties.

She said she was later called also in connection with allegation of taking money from various individuals with a promise to secure visa for them.  At the police, she was interrogated and she explained everything that transpired and was released to go back home pending further investigations into the matter.

Speaking about her enterprise, she said Gulf Platform International Gambia Limited is an intermediary between those who want to travel abroad and the company’s head office in the United Arab Emirate (UAE), which signs contracts with Gambians.

She said her company Gulf Platform International has its headquarters in the UAE, adding that the Gambia office was registered in 2001 and started operation in 2002.

“Since then the company has never been found wanting and is operating in line with the Companies Act of The Gambia,” she said, adding that the main focus of Gulf Platform International is recruitment of drivers, security and other career jobs to ensure that youth engage in decent jobs  and to discourage illegal migration.

Anyone who wants to know actually the mission of Gulf Platform International Gambia Limited should visit the office in Brusubi, she said.

She also used the opportunity to challenge journalists to not allow themselves to be used to publish one-sided stories.

Since the publication of the tarnishing allegations about Gulf Platform Gambia office, her company   has experienced some setbacks and has been facing a lot of difficulties, Madam Afonrinwo said.

Therefore, she added: “Gulf Platform Gambia office has an open-door policy to encourage whoever wants to get correct information regarding the company and its operations.”  All are therefore encouraged to visit the company office at Brusubi to enquire about the company and its operations.

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