Nigeria: Police capture 53 suspected cultists in Edo

Nigeria: Police capture 53 suspected cultists in Edo

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Edo State Magistrate of Police, Mohammed Dankwara, has said that 53 people (male) have been captured regarding cult-related activities in the state.

The CP likewise cautioned residents and associations in the state to quit backing clique bunches by giving planned operations to the cultist’s evil exercises.

In a press proclamation delivered on Thursday, the CP likewise communicated alarm over the rising faction conflicts in the state and desire the entertainers to halt from their lethal exercises or be cleared out.

He noticed that the police order has begun finding a way cautious ways to free the condition of these criminal components.

The assertion peruses, “It would be reviewed that as of late there was an upsurge in secret faction exercises and killings in the state where a few unremarkable cultists had undercover gatherings in lodgings, lofts, lounges, houses, savoring joints various areas in the city and examined how to assault and kill their apparent opponent mystery clique individuals, which came about into the killing of certain people.

Because of this, I had to meet with my command tactical teams and management team. Eventually, I provided a walking request to them to go into the roads, smoke out the cultists, and capture them all.

“On Thursday, thirteenth July 2023, the Order’s enemy of cultism, hostile to seizing, and cybercrime unit, in a joint effort with the Edo State Security Organization, while following up on trustworthy data captured a complete number of 53 male suspects in various areas. The suspects have been profiled, examined, and handled to court, and as I talk, they are in jail

“In a bid to extend thoughts in finding arrangements in battling the scourge of mystery religion exercises and killings in the state, I had a gathering for certain concerned residents in my office and after a quiet consideration, we emerged for certain valid and useful arrangements, of which I can’t reveal at this gathering until they are executed and designated results are met.

“I need to utilize this medium to caution all mysterious faction individuals from various clique gatherings to stop the killings or clear the state. I likewise need to caution all the state entertainers, non-state entertainers, and backers of the different mystery faction confraternities who give out their monies, Lodgings, condos, lounges, Houses, Drinking joints, or some other abode as help for secret gatherings to pull out their supports or be prepared to confront capture, arraignment in court and such properties previously mentioned fixed up through the instrument of the law.

He continued, “I want to assure you that this operation to get rid of cultism and other heinous crimes in the state is a continuing process and by the grace of God we will achieve it.” He added, “The good people of Edo State, and the general public.”

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