Nigeria: I’m dead to my dad, says Emeka Ike’s child

Nigeria: I’m dead to my dad, says Emeka Ike’s child

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Michael, child of the veteran entertainer, Emeka Ike has said that he is dead to his dad and he wants nothing from him any longer.

Michael revealed this during a meeting with Chud on web recording, in response to his dad’s video where he talked about his family undertaking.

IKe’s child who expressed that he was attempting to reconcile with his dad said, “When I watched the video I resembled God this is crazy. Is this the individual I need to shape harmony with? I was considering what was happening. This family is attempting to reason on the off chance that they can inspire her to converse with him. I was thinking that there might be some benefit to us.

“I advised my sister to get to comprehend how things ought to work out. I’m doing whatever it takes not to direct yet my dad felt I was directing for him. I was attempting to let him know what ought to occur in this episode. There ought to be harmony some place.”

Michael then voiced his displeasure with the manner in which his father was discussing their private lives.

“I let him know we want to talk. I added that I’m troubled about the manner in which you’re discussing our exclusive issues. Can you put an end to it? What’s more, I needed to let him know the lack of regard he left on the family. He stated, “I decided that this is not the kind of person I should respect.”

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