Nigeria: Gunmen abduct information commissioner in Benue

Nigeria: Gunmen abduct information commissioner in Benue

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

A few shooters on Monday morning attacked the home of Benue State Chief of Data, Culture and The travel industry, Matthew Abo, and kidnapped him.

The occurrence was said to have happened around 8:00am at his ranch style house in Zaki Biam, Ukum Nearby Government Region of the state

The magistrate was said to have been at home with his relatives when the shooters came on four cruisers and tracked down their direction into his front room.

An observer said, “The criminals came on four bikes, requested everybody in the house including the magistrate’s significant other and youngsters to lie face down, and removed him to an obscure objective on one of the cruisers.

“The abductors constrained the magistrate to sit behind the rider of one of the cruisers while a shooter sandwiched him.

Abo was among the 17 chiefs sworn in on August 29, 2023, by Lead representative Hyacinth Alia.

Boss Press Secretary to the lead representative, Kula Tersoo, affirmed the kidnapping of the chief.

He said, “OK he was grabbed. Sadly, he was captured in his ranch style house in Ukum LGA, around 8am.

“He was home with his family, youngsters and his kin when the outfitted men came in. They constrained him to a bicycle.

“We got the appalling turn of events and His Excellency, Lead representative Hyacinth Alia has previously guided and definite the security agents to guarantee his protected delivery from the hijackers’ cave.”

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