Nigeria: EFCC may prosecute 300 forex racketeers

Nigeria: EFCC may prosecute 300 forex racketeers

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Lead British International School Abuja, which has recently gained attention due to viral videos of bullying involving its students, has been temporarily shut down for a period of three days. The shutdown order was issued by the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, on Tuesday. This decision comes in response to the videos of bullying incidents that went viral on social media, sparking widespread condemnation and calls for action from the school authorities. One video shows a female student being repeatedly slapped by another student, while another video depicts a group of male students surrounding and harming another boy.

Following the incidents, the victim of the bullying, Namtira Bwala, has written a letter to the school management demanding a thorough investigation and severe punishments for the 11 students involved in the bullying. The police have also launched an investigation into the matter, and the school management has initiated its own investigation.

In a video obtained by our correspondent, one of the alleged perpetrators, Maryam Hassan, has issued an apology for her actions. The school has expressed its commitment to conducting a thorough inquiry and providing counseling and disciplinary measures to the families involved.

The closure of the school for three days and the ongoing investigations highlight the seriousness with which bullying is being addressed in educational institutions. It is crucial for schools to take immediate action to address and prevent bullying, ensuring the safety and well-being of all students.

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