Niger: US voices fears for Niger’s ex-president, who is ‘running out of food

Niger: US voices fears for Niger’s ex-president, who is ‘running out of food

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The US has communicated profound worry for Niger’s ousted president after his party said he and his family were running out of food and living under progressively desperate circumstances.

President Mohamed Bazoum, the West African country’s justly chosen leader, has been held at the presidential rally palace in Niamey with wife and child since mutinous troopers moved against him on July 26.

He has not been found openly since the upset, despite the fact that sources near him say that has wouldn’t leave. The family is living without power and has just rice and canned products left to eat, as per a nearby guide, who said Bazoum stays healthy for the time being.

Bazoum’s political party gave an assertion affirming the president’s everyday environments and said the family likewise was without running water.

The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, talked with Bazoum on Tuesday about late strategic endeavors, the state division said, and Blinken “underlined that the wellbeing and security of President Bazoum and his family are vital”.

This week, Niger’s new military junta did whatever it takes to settle in itself in power and dismissed global endeavors to intervene. On Wednesday, it again blamed previous colonizer France for attempting to undermine the nation, abuse its shut airspace and ruin the junta’s chiefs. France has excused the charges as unwarranted.

On Monday, the junta named another head of the state, non military personnel financial analyst Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine. He is a previous economy and money serve who left office after a past overthrow in 2010 brought down the public authority at that point. Zeine later worked at the African Improvement Bank.

“The foundation of an administration is huge and signals, basically to the populace, that they have an arrangement set up, with help from across the public authority,” said Aneliese Bernard, a previous state division official who had practical experience in African undertakings and is currently head of Vital Adjustment Guides, a gamble warning gathering.

The junta likewise wouldn’t concede reflection groups from the Unified Countries, the African Association and the West African provincial coalition Ecowas, refering to “clear reasons of safety in this environment of danger”, as per a letter seen by the Related Press.

Ecowas had taken steps to utilize military power in the event that the junta didn’t restore Bazoum by Sunday, a cutoff time that the junta overlooked and which passed without activity from Ecowas. The coalition is supposed to meet again on Thursday to examine what is going on.

The defiant officers guaranteed that they held onto power since they could improve at safeguarding the country from jihadi brutality. In any case, most experts and negotiators said the takeover came about because of a fight for control between the president and the top of his official watchman, Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani, who currently says he runs the country.

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