Mother appeals for help for child born with Amelia

Mother appeals for help for child born with Amelia

Cherno Omar Bobb

A Bonto Koto mother is appealing for assistance from government of The Gambia, parastatals and the private sector to make live bearable for her daughter -Grace Saidy, who was born with Amelia of the right lower limb.

Ellen Mendy, who made this appeal to The Point, said her 11-month daughter, was born with Amelia, a rare, non-syndromic limb reduction defect characterized by complete or near-complete congenital absence of one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) of the lower extremities, occurring due to an intrauterine insult during the very early stages of embryonic development. 

Experts indicate that it may be an isolated anomaly, but is more commonly observed in combination with multiple other congenital malformations. It can be distinguished from other limb deficiencies, especially terminal transverse deficiencies, and rare conditions such as Sirenomelia and limb-body wall spectrum.

Doctors say Grace will use a prosthetic leg to walk once she grows up.

Ellen, who lost her father some years ago, said her mother was the sole provider for her family, but since she became ill, she (Ellen) became the sole provider for her family. 

However, she said due to pressure on her she cannot work now because of her disabled child. 

“This is one of the reasons why I desperately need help from all including, His Excellency President Adama Barrow, the First Lady Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow, NGOs, philanthropists and even individuals, who can assist me.”

She also appealed for a wheelchair for her 11 months old baby, saying she cannot sit on her own ‘if not supported.’ 

Mendy revealed that at one point, she underwent scanning after 36 weeks of her pregnancy only to be told that her child was doing fine.

“During that pregnancy, I felt that the child I was carrying was not normal because, I was not given any results during the first three scanning I did.”

She informed that it is only her mother that assists her in taking care of the child as most people claimed that her child is not a human being.

“I cannot go anywhere if my mother is not around to hold her and lately she has not been feeling well.” she added.

Anyone willing to support Grace can contact her mother (Ellen) on +220 3253262 and/or 2815718 or make a deposit at her GTBank Account number 2042685651590.


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