The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has strongly condemned individuals allegedly spreading rumours that GDC is backed by and mobilsing support using the Tabital Pulagu, an international Fula organisation with a local chapter in The Gambia.

In an audio obtained by The Standard, Mamma Kandeh rejected any such suggestion and emphasized that the GDC is not a Fula party and people must realize that no Gambian political party was established on tribe, religion or region, which he added is very clearly stated in the constitution.

“Yes, it is true that I established the party and I happen to be a Fula but that is by God’s divine work only. The party was not formed based on a tribe and Tabital Pulagu as an organisation has nothing to do with the GDC and if they have problems at Tabital Pulagu, they should deal with them and not involve or associate it with GDC. I will take on anybody who wants to tarnish the party’s image based on tribal lines. It is shameful for anybody to associate politics with a tribal group,” Kandeh warned.

Kandeh said he was among the pioneers of the Seedy Dem leadership of the group.

“I am a politician but it doesn’t stop me from being Fula. I don’t want anybody to associate tribes with the GDC.  I am not forcing anyone to like me or support me but I will not allow anyone to tarnish my image or that of the party. I have not at any time said Fulas should rally behind the GDC. I always insisted that when it comes to Tabital Pulagu, we can come together as Fulas to showcase our culture and come together as a family but we must not in any way associate the group with any political party including the GDC,” he added.

Source: Standard

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