GTBoard welcomes another batch of tourists from Poland

GTBoard welcomes another batch of tourists from Poland

By Fatou Dahaba

The Gambia Tourism Board (GT Board) on Friday welcomed another batch of tourist from Poland. The inaugural flight from Poland carried 175 tourists that would be distributed between Destination Gambia and other sub-regional countries.

The Gambia is a popular winter tourist destination for people from all over the world, with most visitors coming between October-February. Visitors come to The Gambia to enjoy the warm weather, the beautiful beaches and the friendly people.

Haddy Darboe, senior admin and promotion officer at GT Board highlighted some of the efforts they put in place to increase flights and the numbers od tourists visiting the country as well as to have a successful season.

“Rainbow Tours has increased their flights to two due to our joint marketing we did with them last year. Base on our statistics, numbers are going high, because the Friday flight brought in about 175 people, which is a plus for us because we put so many efforts in selling Destination Gambia.”

“We are fully prepared for the season. The necessary collaborations are done with The Gambia Hotel Association and all tour operators, and I hope that continues in the years to come.”

With regards to the warm condition at the Banjul International Airport, Haddy said they have engaged authorities of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and other partners to upgrade the cooling systems of the airport. She added that they have got the assurance from GCAA that it is a working process with NAWEC.

The Gambia’s superb climate, friendly locals, tranquil beach resort, diverse wildlife, rich culture and historical sites make it an outstanding tourist destination.

Also commenting on the airport condition, Kemo Jammeh, from Alkamba Travel and Tours said the situation could be a bit upgraded. “I wish the environment is a bit cool because it is really warm inside. You can see how I am sweating,” he stated.

Tida Jobe, social media influencer advised young  people to behave well with tourists so that they can enjoy the country’s beautiful environment and their stay in The Gambia.

‘They are our guest because they contribute to national development which we all benefit from, so let us take it easy with them, not to engage in any push and pull because you want a penny from someone to support your business does not require any push and pull.”

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