Gov’t intends taking legal action for alleged bribery slammed at Barrow

Gov’t intends taking legal action for alleged bribery slammed at Barrow

Banjul – Gambia:  Speaking to veteran journalist Peter Gomez on his Coffee Time Show yesterday, government spokesperson Ebrima G. Sankareh revealed that “government is working on legal actions” against the authors who alleged that the president was involved in corruption and bribery.

The publication going round alleged that “President Adama Barrow is involved in corruption and bribery” and thus allegedly received 2.5 million Euros on a bus deal that is set for commissioning today.

Spokesperson Sankareh stated that the President had read the allegation and “is very unhappy about it”.

He added that President Barrow had instructed the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to review the report and advise him legally on what options are available.

He further revealed that the President was willing to hire lawyers from either the United Kingdom or America to help deal with allegations against him, members of his government, and his character.

“Over the past years, the character in question who wrote the piece of allegation tries to align the President with even drug deals, stealing elections and more. It could all be politics but to now suggest in an election time that the President has pocketed over 150 million dalasis, when we have kids who cannot pay their school fees and University students struggling to pay their bills, I think are ridiculous,” the spokesperson.

Sankareh continued that the allegations were not only directed at the President, they were also trying to draw a wedge between the president and the people who voted for him, international development partners, members of the diplomatic and consular corps and the security forces.

In another allegation in which the United Democratic Party (UDP) campaign manager, Momodou Sabally stated on West Coast Radio that the Justice Minister “spent over D15 million” on travel, Mod K. Ceesay, Chief of Staff at State House, responded to the allegation.

“Figures don’t lie and I didn’t see a travel vote of D15 million at the ministry of Justice,” Ceesay said.  “The last time I checked, it was about D5 million. Let Sabally tell people that the president is recognised as champion of human rights, great respecter of the rule of law and good governance.”

Source: The Point

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