Fulbe Africa to stage 10th Int’l Cultural Fest

Fulbe Africa to stage 10th Int’l Cultural Fest

By Sulayman Waan

Fulbe Africa Organization (FA), an international cultural organisation is set to celebrate its 10th International Cultural Festival from 25-26th of December 2022 at Q-city.

In a statement shared with The Point, Musa Baldeh, director of communication for FA, explained that the annual event is geared towards uniting the Fulbe people all over Africa as well as to celebrate the rich culture and tradition of the people.

“Since its establishment, the organisation has been involved in activities geared toward preserving the rich culture of its people and has held a cultural festival annually which attracts people from different parts of Africa and the Diaspora. Our recent event in Farafenni has attracted over 4000 people from Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and other countries in the sub-region.”

This year’s event, he added, will be celebrated in two folds as the first day December 25th is the main conference and is expected to gather key actors in the promotion of peace and security in the sub-region, civil society organisations, representatives of governments, international and cultural organisations among a host of key stakeholders.

“The conference will feature panel discussions focusing on the thematic areas of the anniversary. Experts will be identified as panelists to engage the audience on how to ensure peaceful coexistence between different ethnic groups in Africa.”

Baldeh indicated that the second day will be a cultural night designed to showcase the rich Fulbe culture in a bid to preserve and promote it among young people especially girls.

 “The performances for the second night will be based on the following thematic areas: promotion of Cultural heritage; climate Change; harmful Cultural practices; Girl Child Education and discouraging Child marriage And Peace and Security,” he surmised.

Among the guest acts in these two nights of educative cum entertainment sessions are the revered Fulbe musician Alhagie Baaba Maal of the Daande Lenyol Band from Senegal, and Alphadio Dara, from Guinea Conakry.


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