Dr Jagne announces resignation from APP, joins PDOIS  

Dr Jagne announces resignation from APP, joins PDOIS  

By Sulayman Waan  

Dr Bai Biran Jagne has announced his resignation as the Party Leader and Secretary General of All People’s Party (APP) as he officially joined the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS).  

“Today, I am here to announce my total submission and registration to PDOIS. PDOIS is a party I admire more than any party in the country because what they stand for and who they are,” Jagne said. 

He explained that PDOIS is a party that puts the country first and this is why they sacrificed their life for the people. 

“None of the political parties have an agenda like PDOIS. PDOIS is the party I have wanted to join all my life,” he said. 

He explained that he has already tendered his resignation from his former party. 

Dr Jagne was speaking before the press on Saturday at PDOIS’ Head Office when he made the declaration. He added that he has worked with the PDOIS leadership and he knows what the party stands for. 

“The country has a disease (as it related) leadership. PDOIS has answers to our problems. These people have the best policies capable of addressing people’s needs,” Jagne said. 

Jagne said he first heard honourable Halifa Sallah addressing people in Serrekunda more than 3 decades ago, adding that Sallah is still doing the same – consistency. 

“PDOIS is the party, without any doubt, that has the solution to the problems of this country,” Jagne said. 

He said PDOIS has been persistent standing for the people. He added that he is ready to give 100% to PDOIS. 

“I am joining PDOIS as a member and I will give 100% to the party,” he said. 


Photo credit: Matar Jassey 

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