The leader of opposition United Democratic Party, Ousainu Darboe, has extolled his party’s former campaign manager, Momodou Sabally, urging him to come back.

Last December, Sabally decamped to the ruling National People’s Party.

Mr Darboe vowed to convince Sabally to come back to UDP when he meets him at any given point.

Speaking in a Kerr Fatou exclusive, the former vice president described his former campaign manager as a good man and would wish to have him back to UDP.

“If I should meet Sabally, I will convince him to come back to the UDP on genuine grounds and I believe he will listen to me. The only thing to avoid regaining UDP’s membership again will be when I am not given the opportunity to talk to him. To avoid that, he has to avoid meeting me,” Darboe said.

The UDP leader advised his membership to avoid castigating and throwing jabs at people who desert them for other parties, insisting that they may need them back into the party.

“It’s the constitutional right of everyone to choose a party of your choice and join. So, anyone who was with us and left for other parties, let’s not castigate or insult them because we may need them back. Buwa Fofana was with us and later joined the ruling party. But, we did not hold any grudges against him for the decision and this was why when we needed him back today, he availed himself to us,” he stated.

Mr Darboe argued that in politics, it’s very normal for parties to lose members to opponents; emphasizing that if you join the party and leave while you are not among the founding members, they take it as normal day to day politics.

“If Mboge Saidykhan, who was in diaspora mobilizing for the party since its inception, leaves or our current campaign manager, Karafa Sonko, then we will reassess ourselves and say something is actually wrong with us. But none of our founding members is leaving. So, the members who joined us and later chose to leave; it is within their constitutional rights,” he reiterated.

Source: The Standard

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