Buduk Youth Association holds congress

Buduk Youth Association holds congress

By Sulayman Waan

Buduk Youth Development Association in Central River Region (CRR) recently held its much-anticipated inaugural congress, marking a significant milestone in the organisation’s history.

The highlight of the event was the unanimous election of Abdodulie York as the association’s new president, a testament to his popularity and the confidence the youth have in his leadership abilities.

The newly-formed executive comprises individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds, united by a shared commitment to driving positive change in Buduk.

Abdodulie York in his acceptance speech expressed gratitude to the youth of Buduk and pledged to work collaboratively towards the development of their village.

He emphasised his dedication to working collaboratively with all members of the association and the broader community to bring about meaningful developments to Buduk.

President York made a solemn pledge to prioritise development projects that address the pressing needs of Buduk village. He stressed the importance of unity and cooperation among the youth, emphasising that collective efforts would yield the most significant impact.


The inaugural congress marked the beginning of a new era. With York’s election and the formation of a dedicated executive team, the association is poised to make substantial contributions to the development of Buduk village. The commitment expressed by President York to work hand in glove with all stakeholders is a promising sign for the future, and the youth of Buduk can look forward to a period of positive change and progress.

The association is now set to embark on its journey towards realizing its vision of a prosperous and vibrant Buduk village. The event has galvanized the community and instilled hope for a brighter future through collaborative efforts and dedicated leadership.


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