Awa Gambia,Miss Jobizz,Cess Ngum : A possible Divorce between the Emperor⚡️Empresses!

Unconfirmed rumours have reached Mamos Media from Banjul this morning that Gambia’s cheapest package deal of the finest and most talented female artists the Republic has ever produced, Awa Gambia, Miss Jobizz, Cess Ngum are expected to return to the Gambia on Tuesday 8th August 2023 after unexpected misunderstandings regarding EU visa rules and restrictions with their tour Manager in Oslo, Norway.

Their anticipated debut performance in Stuttgart Germany 🇩🇪 is expected to be cancelled if the lastest fiasco surrounding their visa to Germany is not solved by their Tour Manager.

Mamos media has yet to confirm the story with the Empresses as the trio cannot be reached !!

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