Bassirou Diomaye Faye elected Senegal’s president

Bassirou Diomaye Faye elected Senegal’s president

Bassirou Diomaye Faye, 44, a replacement for opposition leader Ousmane Sonko who was excluded from the presidential race in January this year, has been elected as the 5th president of Senegal.

The co-founder of the opposition Pastef party secured 57.4 % of the votes cast, according to latest results by RFM. He was released from prison along with Sonko on 14March 2024.

The ruling party candidateAmadou Ba finished second with 31.9% of the votes cast.

Other presidential candidates such as Khalifa Babacarr Sall got 3.8%, Alieu Mamadou Dia 2.5% and ALY Ngouille Ndiaye 1.3%.

Anta Babacar Ngom, Boubacar Camara, Déthié Fall, Daouda Ndiaye, Mame Boye Diao, Mouhamed Boun Abdallah Dionne, Aliou Mamadou Dia, Malick Gackou, Mamadou Lamine Diallo, Serigne Mboup, Pape Djibril Falland Thierno Allassane Sall all got 0%.

Two candidates (Habib SY and Cheikh Tijan Dieye) withdrew two days before the elections. Mouhamed Boun Abdallah Dionne who stood as an independent candidate did not vote. He got sick and was flown to Paris for medical check-upon the same day.

Diomaye was born on 25 March 1980 at Ndiaganio, 115 kms from Dakar. He was a tax inspector and former secretary general of PASTEF. He is married with two wives – Marie Khone Faye and Absa Faye. He has three girls and one boy with his first wife.

When the results were announced on Sunday, it was raining in some parts of Dakar.

President-elect Faye will assume office on 2nd April 2024.

Factors or reasons that led to Senegalese voting for change include the high cost of living due to rising prices of commodities and rent, lack of job opportunities, migration – which has claimed thousands of lives, corruption and financial malpractices by government officials, especially around COVID funds.

The new authorities are expected to renegotiate all agreement deals in their gas and petrol sector when they start operations at the end of December this year, official sources said.

They have been implored to improve security and intensify the fight against smuggling illicit drugs and timber trafficking.

In the wake of the preliminary results of the presidential election in Senegal, Amadou Ba, Sall’s preferred successor, called and congratulated President-elect Bassirou Diomaye Faye on his victory.

Ba also expressed sincere wishes for the new president, inviting him to exercise his functions with energy and determination to meet the expectations of the Senegalese people. “I pray to the Almighty to grant him the energy and strength necessary to assume this high office as the head of our country,” added Amadou Ba.

Ba also expressed hopes for the better for Senegal under the leadership of Bassirou Diomaye Faye. “I wish him great success and for the well-being of the Senegalese people,” he said.

Other candidates in the election congratulated Faye on his victory.

Source: The Point

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