Barrow commissions solar plant to boost nationwide electricity supply

Barrow commissions solar plant to boost nationwide electricity supply

President Adama Barrow on Saturday commissioned the new 23 MWP Solar photovoltaic Plant in Jambur to significantly reduce the country’s reliance on imported fossil fuel for electricity generation.

The project is also to accelerate the pace towards generating 50% of the nation’s power supply from renewable energy sources by 2030.

Speaking at the inauguration, President Barrow said this came at a time when the whole world is promoting investment in renewable energy, particularly through solar energy projects.

He said: “As a responsible member of the international community, The Gambia is committed to the global energy transition. The Plant project clearly demonstrates the country’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and greening our energy landscape.”

He added that as a clean energy source and a major vehicle for climate change mitigation, the solar plant will contribute to the realisation of The Gambia’s Nationally Determined Contributions.

Barrow added that considering that the country has a vast potential to tap solar energy, the solar plant is part of an aggressive campaign to install more and bigger solar power plants. He said the driving force is the ambition to achieve the nation’s sustainable energy policy goals.

“As we inaugurate the first grid-tied Solar PV Plant today, the Government is working with partners to implement a 150 MWp regional solar power park,” he said, adding that his government plans to launch the tender for the first 50 MWp in the second quarter of the year for implementation through an Independent Power Producer (IPP) project.

As a vital infrastructure project that can serve the country for decades, Barrow said it is essential to protect the project assets, adding that he needs not belabour the point that it is a collective responsibility to take proper care of the facility so that it serves our energy needs and lasts long.

In fulfilment of this responsibility, the President called on Gambians to immediately report to NAWEC, or any suitable authority, anyone who destroys any of the project assets. He said this is the only way they could make full use of the facilities.

“The government gratefully acknowledges that the World Bank, the European Union, and the European Investment Bank funded this project. I thank them on behalf of the entire nation. With similar appreciation, I convey profound gratitude to the contractor, consultant, and the project management team for working diligently to deliver as expected.”

Source: The Point

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