The spokesperson of the APRC No Alliance, Pa Modou Mbowe, has yesterday tendered his resignation from the group which is the faction loyal to former president Yahya Jammeh.

In his resignation letter obtained by The Standard, and addressed to the former president, Mr Mbowe said after many years of sacrifice and contribution to the national development agenda of the APRC and the president, he has, going forward, decided to resign to “give chance to the youngsters we have inspired over the years to continue with the leadership of the party”. 

Mr Mbowe also paid tribute to the achievements of former president Jammeh “that brought about unprecedented development in the country through the July 22 Revolution”. He also underscored his everlasting love and respect for the former Gambian leader.

Upon seeing the letter, The Standard contacted Mr Mbowe for more details. He said: “I have decided to leave partisan politics because I need time for myself. I have spent most of my childhood in politics so I have decided I should now concentrate on my life.”

Asked whether he has received any response from Jammeh about his decision, Mbowe said his resignation letter was sent only yesterday morning and he is yet to receive any reaction from Jammeh. “Maybe he will understand my decision but whatever happens I have made up my mind and that is it. Jammeh has been on holiday for at least seven years, so we too need a holiday. We have tried our best to give him five National Assembly Members and some councillors so the youth should take over now,” Mr Mbowe said.

He stressed that nothing will make him reconsider his decision. “This is a need,” he said. “I don’t wan to wake up in the morning thinking of going to a political meeting. Jammeh is having a break whether he likes it or not but he needs that break because for 24 years he has been busy,” Mbowe said.

Asked if his decision is triggered by a job offer from the government, he replied: “I did not take my decision because I am offered a job. But again, I am a Gambian and will not reject offers to work for my country. That is why I joined politics, to have an opportunity to serve the public. So, if you give me an offer to work for my country even tomorrow, I will take it.” 

As spokesman of APRC No Alliance, Mr Mbowe is one of the most influential members of the group. In May, he unsuccessfully contested for mayor in the KM for the group.

Source: The Standard

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