Youth can drive meaningful reforms, says NCCE official

Youth can drive meaningful reforms, says NCCE official

By Cherno Omar Bobb

The programme manager at the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) has underscored the role of youth in politics, saying the latter a crucial role to play in politics.

Yusupha Bojang was speaking at Kerewan Regional Education Office conference hall on Saturday during the start of a two-day orientation for the youth branch of the inter-party committee (YOBIPC) on Democracy, Tolerance, and Social Cohesion.

 Bojang acknowledged that youth can challenge the status quo and serves as advocate for their rights and drive meaningful reforms that address the needs and aspirations of their generation.

Moreover, he noted that youth have the potential to be catalysts for promoting democratic values within their communities, can champion the principles of inclusivity, accountability, and transparency, ensuring that decision-making processes are fair, representative, and participatory.

Bojang added that in addition to the significance of the orientation on democracy, tolerance, and social cohesion, it is essential to recognize the invaluable role that youth can play in politics, promoting democratic values, and fostering peaceful political engagement.

“The power of youth in shaping the future of our nation cannot be overstated. They possess a unique perspective, boundless energy, and a deep desire for positive change. Youth bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and a passion for social justice.” he stated.

He further said that the Youth Branch of the Inter-party Committee (YOBIPC) holds a pivotal role as a convener of youth from all political parties in The Gambia, pointing out that the platform provides a unique opportunity for youth to come together, transcend political differences, and work towards a common goal of promoting peace, unity, and democratic values.

“The YOBIPC can serve as a unifying force, fostering dialogue and collaboration among youth from different political backgrounds. By creating spaces for constructive engagement, YOBIPC can facilitate the exchange of ideas, the sharing of experiences, and the forging of alliances that transcend party lines.” he also said.

“Through this collaborative effort, youth can amplify their voices, influence policy decisions, and contribute to the peaceful and inclusive development of our nation,” Bojang said further, adding that it is imperative that the YOBIPC leverages its role as a convener to promote peace among youth and within the political landscape of The Gambia.

He thus called on all to harness the energy, passion, and determination of our youth to build a future where democracy thrives, tolerance prevails, and peace reigns.  

He expressed NCCE’s resolve to continue to collaborate with relevant partners and stakeholders to facilitating interactions of this nature.

The activity which involves four orientation sessions in four administrative regions; North Bank, West Coast Regions, Kanifing Administrative Area, and Banjul Administrative Area, was staged by NCCE and supported by UNICEF under the Joint UN Strengthening women’s political participation and leadership through reformed legislation, community-level leadership, and political parties’ engagement in The Gambia project.

About 200 participants, mainly from the youth branch of the inter-party Committee (YOBIPC) in these regions, as well as other youth and women leaders, civil society organizations, local authorities, and aspiring young politicians are taking part in the orientations to raise awareness, promote democratic values, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.

The training under the theme: “Advocating for Women Leadership: A Journey through Laws and Policies” aimed at equipping participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to become informed, engaged and responsible citizens, and inspire a new generation of leaders who are committed to upholding democratic principles, promoting tolerance, and working towards the betterment of their communities and society as a whole.

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