Witness Disassociates Himself From Nyambai Forest Execution

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By Ousman A. Marong

Alieu Jeng, a member of former President Yahya Jammeh’s hit squad also called the black-black or ‘junglers’ has denied involvement in the execution of detainees in Nyambai Forest, in Brikama, West Coast Region.
He made this testimony before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) today at Dunes Hotel in Kololi.
“I was far away from events and I was not present when the execution was taking place in Nyambia forest. I was asked to sit in the vehicle because of my PKMS riffle where I remained and the team alighted with the detainees inside the forest where they executed them,” he informed the TRRC.
He told the Commission that the late Almamo Manneh, Alpha Bah were among the list of persons to be executed at Nyambai forest.
He revealed that a plastic bag was shoved over Alieu Ceesay’s head before his execution at the forest.
The controversial witness denied ever having knowledge of the execution of Alpha Bah at Nyambia forest.
At this juncture the lead Counsel Essa M. Faal quizzed: “How could you confirmed seeing Alpha Bah and Almamo Manneh at Nyambia forest during the execution and you could not confirmed their execution?”
The witness replied that he was under pressure and could not recall everything that had happened.
“So you think that pressure has changed?” Lead Counsel further questioned.
The witness still denied that he was present when the ‘junglers’ were executing Malafi Corr and others.
“I was stationed in the vehicle with my PKMS riffle,” he maintained.
Asked by lead counsel Faal to tell the Commission how he came to know that Manlafi Corr was transported from Mile ll central prison to Nyambai forest.
According to Jeng, he came to realize it during the state’s announcement over the radio in which names of soldiers were called.
“The announcement over the state broadcaster had it that the detainees escaped while transporting them to Jangabureh prison. This was where my mind reflected that those transported to Nyambai forest were the one,” explained the witness.
He mentioned names including Alpha Bah, Malafi Corr, Alieu Ceesay, amongst others to be executed at Nyambai forest.
He said after the execution, he (the witness) and Nyabally left and could hear the voices of the executing team in the darkness.
“This was around 1:30a.m local time. They were in a haste (the junglers) to join our packed vehicles after they successfully completed the execution of the detainees,” said Alieu Jeng.
He added that operations of the ‘junglers’ in the patrol team during execution were mainly carried out in Kanilia.
He alleged that Ismaila Jammeh, one of the ‘junglers’ remained in the execution team until the execution of seven (7) people at Nyambai forest which include the killing of the late Almamo Manneh, Alpha Bah and Alieu Ceesay.
He adduced that his team tortured some detainees at Mile ll central prison in which he participated.
He disclosed that they tortured detainees anytime they are brought to them.
“If detainees are brought before us at the NIA, our superiors do order us to go and collect sticks, and we will go around the premises of the NIA to cut branches of trees or gathers anything that we could be used to beat detainees,” he revealed.

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