“Wisdom Is Bleak”, Where Millions Are Stupid

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FATOUMATTA: “Wisdom Is Bleak”, Where Millions Are Stupid
“Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise”
Fatoumatta: Thomas Gray wrote this famous line in his poem; “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College” (1742). In the last 4 days, this line kept haunting me. I woke up thankful that I am smart enough to understand my own capacity for stupidity. Ignorance is a detestable state of mind. Ignorance becomes stupidity when a people are in precarious situations, they refuse to learn and are very cool about it.
Fatoumatta: Nothing disappointing like an incoherent legal mind with a misinformed argument on politics, law, governance and leadership. In these circumstances, I would rather be represented in court by a dentist. At least the dentist can show the judge my sick chit. The very essence of legal training is the making of coherent and well-reasoned arguments. But again, not all “learned friends” are learned.
Fatoumatta: The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust our critical thinking, to annihilate “truth.” We end up wasting time arguing about which story or fact is true or not, rather than addressing any core issues. That is precisely the intention of those bombarding us with conflicting facts. We are increasingly distracted by falling down rabbit holes of argument about what did or didn’t happen, all of which is designed to distract us from what is happening
Fatoumatta: Let us get it right. If a candidate promises to do a term and then changes his or her mind, no laws have been broken; no legal infractions. Moral issues? Perhaps. But elections according to our Constitution and Independent Electoral Commission are guided by LAWS and not MORAL ISSUES.
Fatoumatta: What is the furor about a one-term promise by Adama Barrow? So, he changed his mind. Even God changed His mind according to holy scriptures. Go ahead and vote for or against him and let’s have some peace.
Fatoumatta: In other democracies of the world, periods of elections are generally known and are not topics for speculation, an electoral calendar point out with the aim to engender certainty in the election process and allow for long-term planning by the electoral commission and all stakeholders. Fatoumatta: certainty in election calendar is necessary to match the Gambia’s democratic system with global best practices.
Fatoumatta: These power addict politicians fights are not about the welfare of Gambians and the Gambian citizens, majority of whom wallow in dehumanizing poverty, disease and other forms of underdevelopment. The fights opposing Adama Barrow relinquish power in December are about capturing the state and its institutions for private gain. If the fights were about our country, they would revolve around the levels of poverty, youth unemployment, the state of our roads, our health care system, our education system etc. When did anyone find the opposition MPs fight or exhibit so much passion about these issues? And if you doubt that the fights have nothing to do with our common good, ask the likes of those former ministers and the real beneficiaries of the innumerable grand heists that have characterized President Barrow’s governments in 2017.
Fatoumatta: Most opposition politicians and test-tube lawyers in the current Gambian political situation or discourse has focused on the symptoms rather than the disease, not the law but on sophistry rather than the people and personalities rather than the issues. We are only reaping what we sowed ever since the collapsed of 2016 Coalition. You cannot run a diverse country on social exclusion, blatant kleptocracy, patronage, neopatrimonialism and ethnic bigotry for two decades and hope to have situations other than the ones we have had today. It just doesn’t happen. And, some ignoramuses and incompetents think prayer will get us out of the woods. Why the change of tact? Why not invoke the so-called tyranny of numbers instead of prayer? Back to the issues, temporal problems require temporal solutions. There’s no point in dragging the Almighty (or his alleged nemesis, Lucifer) into the matter.
Fatoumatta: Propaganda engineering is becoming a very difficult business in this information age. sustaining narratives where anyone with internet can spin and propaganda; or where your adversaries can instantly discredit your new assertions, sending you back to the drawing board, is making work a nightmare for spin masters.

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