Why we should be like children in our universities

Mamos Media

Alieu SK Manjang

Our appetite to knowledge get activated when we forge the status of childhood . The question of Why inmated to a child’s thirsty to discover his or her environment has revolutionized and crystallised his or her mindset to become a competent member of his or her society. The dearth of such critical questions in our subsequent phase of life made many of us stupid and ignorant despite the evidence accumulated academic qualifications.

To become useful to our societies, we should graduate from looking answers for the questions of what, when and how to look for for answers to the question why; for example why Y is Y and not A, or why X is right but not Y, and why X is good for B but A is bad for C, or why A is right today and wrong yesterday.

Answers related to what, when and how continue to permit us to ridicule everything termed tradition, local, Indigenous through our education system . Graduating from these forms of questioning and passiveness would ultimately allow us to deconstruct and reconstruct concepts, ideologies, metaphysics and epistemologies, and subsequently to appreciate and reembrace ourselves.

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