“What does security sector reform means for the Gambia Police”-Bakary Badjie

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The former KMC Mayoral Candidate, Bakary Badjie, has tasked the Gambia Police the meaning of Security Sector Reform in their operational conduct.

Bakary made these queries on his Facebook page, after the Police Anti-Crime Unit allegedly crackdown on shop owners at Serrekunda Market without any legal backing.

This is precisely what he wrote on his Facebook page:

“Two weeks ago, we witnessed Gorgi Mboob and his Anti-Crime Unit crackdown on Serrekunda market shops owners without any legal backing, nor a clear directive from the IGP for his action. Surprisingly, the letter ordering shop owners to close was written on a letterhead from his unit as if the ACU is an independent outfit, devoid of GPF Command (Gorgi Mboob topic will be for another day).

Then, Standard Newspaper published a leaked report of an investigation on Sexual violence reported by a number of unrelated girls against a senior government official and self-confessed ‘womanizer’. The police investigation dismissed the case at their level due to what they call “no evidence” and “hearsay” and “someone not been a virgin” or “didn’t report the incident on time”. So the suggestive opinion of the panel is that a survivor confiding in a friend a day after the incident happened was not enough, that they were suppose to have physically witnessed the raped. Another faulted thinking was that because one of the girl medical report confirmed she’s not a virgin, means she was not forced on that particular occasion. And then, the other victim refused to undergo a medical virginity test. Why should she even do when the result will be a tool of victimization?

Then this week, Police said because someone was merely taking a video of their men painting zebra cross on the highway and refused to stop when asked to, he has to be arrested and charged with an offence of obstruction. He didn’t take their tool, neither stood in their area of work. So what is the obstruction?

And then the Court decides to ask him to surrender his passport for a case that should have been dismissed when the no case submission was made. Four months after, the guy who was on holidays cannot return to his family and work. But to think that a case like that can pass the Command and go to prosecution unit in West Coast, then no one at Senior Management in Banjul stopped this waste of time and resources is itself mind boggling.

We might need update from Ministries of Interior and Defense on specific changes and progress of the SSR roadmap!”

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