WFP boosts MoBSE school feeding programme monitoring

WFP boosts MoBSE school feeding programme monitoring

By Cherno Omar Bobb

World Food Programme (WFP) on Friday handed over three vehicles to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) for enhanced working relations with WFP and other partners on the School Feeding Programmes that they are implementing together in the country.

Miranda Sende, country director for World Food Programme, said the vehicles would facilitate the monitoring and implementation of the School Feeding Programme for MoBSE and ensure that they are able to visit more schools in the country.

Claudiana Cole, the minister of Basic and Secondary Education expressed delight in receiving the vehicles from WFP, saying the vehicles will enhance their mobility and facilitate their monitoring of what happens in schools and how the School Feeding Programme goes on in schools.

She pointed out that the School Feeding Programme is an important area that they believe enhances access to education, retention as well as performance.

Madam Cole observed that the food in the schools attracts the children particularly in the rural areas.

She stated that when there is food in the schools, then you have children go in for registration and also stay during break and not go home to look for something to eat.

“If children are hungry they will not be able to learn and their performance will not be enhanced,” she further said, adding that the school feeding helps them enhance access to education, retention and performance.

She expressed gratutude to WFP for handing over the vehicles to them and assured that they will use the vehicles for the purpose of the donation.

“We pray that the partnership continues to grow from strength to strength,” she concluded.


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