WATCH: Celebs walk the red carpet at The Lion King SA premiere

The cold was not enough to keep Disney fans away as The Lion King made its official South African debut in Johannesburg on Thursday night.

“You invest everything (into the character) – your passion, your love, your vulnerability, your integrity – and you try and make the character as respectful with incredible dignity, and at the same time, make it lovable, understandable, and show the wisdom of the elders. For me, it’s important that young people know there are certain things we still have to tell them. And that’s why it’s important for Simba to listen to Rafiki. It’s important for youth, when they see the story, to realise there are things your mom can still tell you, clever.” 

Other stars who walked the red carpet included composure/producer Lebo M, popularly known as the voice behind the iconic track, Circle of Life

“I’m looking forward to the pride that I believe South Africans, and Africans in particular, will have over this brilliant movie,” he tells us. 

Source news24

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