UNAMID Police Decorates Officers With Prestigious Medals

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

The UNAMID police components in the Sudanese region of Dafur has recently decorated it’s officers in the peacekeeping mission with medals for their exceptional performance in their line of duty.

The decoration is part of efforts to motivate and enhance the potentials of the Police in a bit to build their capacity in leadership and the maintenance of peace in the sub-region.

The award ceremony was held in Sudan and was witness by Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri as the police Ag commissioner.

Commissioner, Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri, decorated 29 Police Officers on May 31; 2020 with prestigious medals and certificates to Officers who undergone a Month (04 IPOs), Certificate training course of Commendation.

(14 IPOs), Certificate of Appreciation (08 IPOs) and special Certificate for 03 IPOs who developed the Police Transition Monitoring System (PTMS) software, in a ceremony remotely held virtually between Mission Headquarters, El-Fasher Logistics Base and the 13 Team Sites (Including FPUs) through Microsoft Team.

In an exclusive interview with the Police Public Information Office (PIO) of UNAMID police Ag. Police Commissioner Dr. Temuri said: despite challenges poised by COVID-19 coupled with difficult working conditions during the mission.

IPOs and FPUs are doing extremely well to ensure UNAMID mandated tasks is achieved with its consideration precautionary measures on COVID-19 prevention and control.

The Office of the Ag. Police Commissioner was delighted to extend warmest congratulations to all the awardees for a well-deserved awards.

“Once More Hearty Congratulations to all;” Said, Dr. Temuri.

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