UK: Security guards at Heathrow expected to announce new strikes

UK: Security guards at Heathrow expected to announce new strikes

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Next week, it is anticipated that security guards at Heathrow airport will announce new strikes.

Members of Unite are entangled in a long-running disagreement regarding pay which has prompted past modern activity.

Unite stated in a statement: The Unite notice regarding the Heathrow strike is not yet live.

“It should be held at this time until the employer is served with notice next week,”

A spokesperson for Heathrow stated: We will do everything in our power to minimize strike disruption so that passengers can enjoy their hard-earned summer vacations, so they can rest assured.

“We continue to build our plans to protect journeys during any future action to disrupt the airport with unnecessary strikes on some of our busiest days,” Unite said.

“The straightforward truth stays that most of associates don’t uphold Join’s strikes.

“Colleagues are in line for a two-year pay increase that beats inflation, if only Unite would let them have a say.

“We will continue discussions about resolving this issue with Unite.”

In their pay dispute, Heathrow security guards concluded a three-day strike last week.

Previously, Unite members had gone on strike for 15 days, including the busy Easter weekend.

Hundreds of unionized Heathrow security officers completed their ten-day strike on March 31.

Guards at Terminal 5, which is only used by British Airways, and those who check plane cargo were involved in the incident.

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