Ugandan President Museveni‘ Asking for patient

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President Museveni, in particular, patients and states of the Sheema district, in particular, patients with the stop worrying about the “little things” because there is still a charge.

The president spoke on Wednesday in the playground of Mutanoga in the sub-county of Kigarama, in Sheema (north), in the Sheema district, where he was the main guest at the party of victory of the new deputy-elect. Elected member of parliament for Sheema North, Naomi Kibaaju, elected in October. .

“Do not worry about anything”. We have to build the Ishaka-Kagamba and many other roads. “We are not going to stop working on it, be patient with me,” said Museveni.

The presidents of Bwizibwera-Kabwohe-Kitagata highway demonstrated that to the districts of Mbarara, Buhweju, Sheema and Rukungiri.

The charms that you have built several roads and that have not been built theirs.

Added, “Talk about education.” In 1956, there were only six elementary schools in the Ankole sub-region, but now all of Sheema’s sub-counties have secondary schools. “Let’s be patient, everything to eat.”

Thanking the people of Sheema North for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in the elections in Sheema and Sheema North, Museveni said that the election of NRM candidates was a wise one in the government.
“Voting for NRM is better than voting for FDC, which is betting on fighting against the government, but NRM is in power,” he said.

Source Daily Monitor.

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